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AIRCRAFT METALLIC REPAIR Chapter  Objective:    Upon completion of this chapter, you will have a working knowledge of the tools and special equipment needed for aircraft metallic repair You will be able to recognize the terms and the basic procedures in the fabrication of sheet metal parts and aircraft metallic repairs. Before  performing  aircraft  metallic  repair,  you must be familiar with the tools, special equipment, terms,  and  techniques  used  to  accomplish  this  type  of maintenance.  In  the  following  text,  we  will  discuss these  subjects  and  basic  sheet  metal  fabrication procedures   as   well   as   several   different   types   of aircraft  structural  metallic  repair  procedures.  Before you  perform  any  type  of  structural  repair  to  an aircraft,  always  consult  the  applicable  aircraft  MIMs.

STRUCTURAL  TOOLS Learning   Objective: Identify   the   various structural   tools   used   for   sheet   metal fabrication and aircraft structural repair. As an AM you must have a thorough knowledge of  the  tools  of  your  trade.  This  will  enable  you  to increase   the   quality   of   maintenance   on   your squadron’s aircraft. One of the most important skills that you can have is the ability to use the tools that are required to complete any given task in a timely and professional  manner.

HAND TOOLS Before  discussing  the  tools  individually,  a  few comments  on  the  care  and  handling  of  hand  tools  are appropriate.  The  condition  in  which  you  maintain your tools determines your efficiency as well as how your superiors view your day-to-day work. Each mechanic should keep all assigned tools in the toolbox when they are not being used. Every tool should have a place, and every tool should be kept in its place. All tools should be cleaned after every use and before being placed in the toolbox. If they are not to be used again the same day, they should be oiled with  a  light  preservative  oil  to  prevent  rusting.  Tools that are being used at a workbench or at a machine should be kept within easy reach of the mechanic, but should be kept where they will not fall or be knocked to the deck. Tools should not be placed on finished parts or machines. There are many different types of hand tools used for aircraft metallic repair and sheet metal fabrication. In the following text, we will discuss a few of the more common  types  used  for  sheet  metal  fabrication.  For  a more detailed explanation of all of the various hand tools associated with aircraft metallic repair and sheet metal fabrication, refer to  Use and Care of Hand Tools and  Measuring  Devices,  NAVEDTRA  12085.

Hammers Hammers are used to apply a striking force where the force of the hand alone is insufficient. Each of the hammers discussed in this section is composed of a head  and  a  handle,  even  though  these  parts  differ greatly from hammer to hammer.

BALL   PEEN   HAMMER.—The   ball   peen hammer  is  sometimes  referred  to  as  a  machinist’s hammer. It is a hard-faced hammer made of forged tool steel.

See figure 13-1. Figure  13-1.—Hammers. 13-1

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