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Physical and Chemical Properties of Tungsten Carbide, W2C
Author:HANNS    Source:Chinatungsten Online    Update Time:2009-11-11 22:52:08

Physical and Chemical Properties of Tungsten Carbide, W2C


Physical and Chemical Properties of Tungsten Carbide, W2C

Material Notes: Physical Form: Refractory Hexagonal Crystals

Key Words: Ditungsten monocarbide Monotungsten


Physical Properties






14.8 g/cc

0.535 lb/in³



Molecular Weight 

379.69 g/mol

379.69 g/mol





Mechanical Properties





Hardness, Knoop 





Hardness, Mohs 

9.00 - 10.0

9.00 - 10.0



Modulus of Elasticity 

420 GPa

60900 ksi





Thermal Properties





CTE, linear

4.00 µm/m-°C
@Temperature 20.0 °C

2.22 µin/in-°F
@Temperature 68.0 °F




4.70 µm/m-°C
@Temperature 20.0 - 2000 °C

2.61 µin/in-°F
@Temperature 68.0 - 3630 °F



Melting Point 

2785 °C

5045 °F





Descriptive Properties

CAS Number



Crystal Structure




Insoluble in H2O




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ArticleInputer:hanns    Editor:hanns 
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