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How to Tungsten Jewelry Facts & Characteristics
Author:By Somer…    Source:eHow Contributing Writer    Update Time:2009-11-14 1:44:39

How to Tungsten Jewelry Facts & Characteristics


How to Tungsten Jewelry Facts & Characteristics

By dansturdivant

Tungsten jewelry is in vogue and the reason being its unique designs and fine polishing. There are a lot of jewelry manufacturer who are opting for this particular range of jewelry to cater to the demands of tungsten accessory lovers


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Tungsten jewelry has rapidly gained status and reputation in the crowded jewelry marketplace. This immerging popularity is due in large part to the extreme durability of jewelry made from this remarkable metal. The use of tungsten itself is not new, but up to now the primary uses for tungsten were industrial and manufacturing based. Tungsten has been a part of your daily life for years - the filament at the center of every incandescent light bulb is made of tungsten. Tungsten’s transformation from industrial material to jewelry is one marked by recognition of its special properties.

Step 2

Due to the hardness of tungsten, jewelry made from the metal is highly scratch resistant, resistant to oxidation and tarnish, and lustrous for life. In addition, jewelers who began working with this metal and selling tungsten jewelry quickly found that the public responded strongly to the idea of ‘unbreakable’ pieces. Much of the appeal of diamonds throughout the years has been their hardness and the ability to ‘cut glass’. The hardness and durability of tungsten quickly became a major selling point. Tungsten’s melting point is the 2nd highest of all the elements, and its boiling point is more than double that of titanium. When fashioned into jewelry, tungsten provides dramatic ‘statement’ pieces of unmatched toughness and luster.

Tungsten jewelry is created through a process that uses, generally, 85% or more of tungsten and 15% or less of other elements which are ground together to create a fine powder. This powder is then compressed under high pressure. The resulting ring blank, or bracelet link is then fired at extremely high temperatures in an oxygen free furnace. The jewelry is the cut, shaped and polished with diamond tipped tools. The end result is a unique piece of unbreakable jewelry with a deep and lustrous shine.

Step 3

Some people worry about the unbreakable nature of tungsten jewelry – they imagine losing a finger because they cannot get a ring off. This is a myth. The truth is, they are very easy to remove with vice grips and also much safer in an accident then other metals. All of these features, combined with the unique luster and appearance of jewelry made from tungsten are the reasons that this relative newcomer to the jewelry marketplace enjoys such popularity. Invest in tungsten today and you will still be enjoying your jewelry long into the future.

A tungsten ring expert of Larson Jewelers was written this article. Find more information about tungsten jewelry here.


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