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X-ray target & collimator
Author:Felility    Source:Chinatungsten Online    Update Time:2010-3-18 9:57:39

X-ray target & collimator

X-ray target & collimator

X-ray Target

X-ray target can be subjected to higher loadings than stationary anodes. By rotation of dish-shaped X-ray targets under the electron beam, a new, already cooled part of the target surface is continually used as the focal spot. Moreover, the X-ray target cools down more rapidly by radiating its heat. Far more energy per unit time can therefore be supplied to an X-ray tube with an X-ray target in comparison with a stationary anode.


Chinatungsten Online can also supply the whole range of Mo alloys and metal X-ray targets which are optimally suited for individual customer requirements, such as mammography x-ray targets and metal X-ray targets which are used from the general medical diagnostic and angio- cardiography to computer tomography.

In the past two decades, we have been developing components for the latest generation of high performance medical devices in close collaboration with the leading suppliers.

For diagnosis, we deliver X-ray target and stationary anodes for diverse X-ray applications. Our X-ray target stands up to the most extreme thermal stress in temperatures of over 2,000. Further advantages are the superior quality and long lasting nature of our products.

Electromagnetic blasting is created by the slow down of fast electrons on the anode. 1% of the affected energy is transformed into X-ray blasting and 99% into heat. Because of that fact the components within the X-ray tube are submitted by highest thermal resistance. The applied material should possess a highest possible melting point, a big heat capacity, good heat conductivity and a smallest possible vapor pressure.

Today we produce components, made of high performance materials (molybdenum, tungsten, WRe alloys), for the assembly of X-ray tubes as well as X-ray technology, which are used worldwide for picture giving systems.

We are very pleased to introduce our tungsten heavy alloy medical part as followings:

X-ray targets

Fastening elements for X-ray targets


Stationary anodes

Cathode components

Detector components


                Stationary anodes

Multi leaf collimator

Radiotherapy destroys cancer by directing beams of radiation directly onto the tumor. The beams of radiation require a very fine focus to avoid harming the surrounding healthy tissue. This focus is achieved by using a multi-leaf collimator, consisting of two rows of very thin tungsten alloy plates, which can be configured to exactly match the dimensions of the tumor.
Collimators and shielding made of tungsten heavy alloy groundbreaking components in the medical industry. They contribute significantly to successful radiotherapy through their high density and high shielding capability against X-rays and gamma rays.


If you have any enquiry about our tungsten alloy parts, please feel free to contact Chinatungsten Online by Email: or call by: 0086 592 512 9696, 0086 592 512 9595.


If you need any more details of the above news and/or products, please visit Chinatungsten Online, or contact us directly.
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ArticleInputer:Felicity    Editor:Felicity 
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