Cryogenic Treatment Effect on Tungsten Copper Contact Materials
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Cryogenic Treatment Effect on Tungsten Copper Contact Materials

Cryogenic processing refers to place the material  at the condition of -100℃ to -196℃.Cryogenic treatment in industrial main applications are the followings: to enhance hardness and strength of workpieces,to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, to improve the wear resistance and impact toughness of workpiece, the internal stress distribution,corrosion resistance and productivity of the workpiece.Cryogenic treatment not only can significantly improve the mechanical properties and service life of ferrous metals,nonferrous metals, metal alloys,carbides, plastic and silicate materials,but also stabilize dimension,improve uniformity,reduce distortion.Cryogenic treatment cause no pollution,can be easy to operate,and won't destroy the workpiece.

China started lately on researching and developing cryogenic treatment.In the late 1980s, China's researchers just began to study the craft and mechanism of cryogenic treatment.The researching materials focused on tool steel,tool steel and high speed steel,lately,it gradually extended to other materials.The study shows that the corrosion resistance of contact materials which made with tungsten copper has been greatly improved by means of cryogenic treatment. The copper particles separated out in the form of short rod after cryogenic treatment. The separated,trifling and dispersed copper particles hinder the grain coarsening and dislocation movement.the partial copper particles filled into the material pores, while the gap and microporous could be filled up because of the volume contraction during cryogenic treatment,so that the hardness and density of different tungsten copper alloy can be increased,but the conductivity decreases.

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