Applications of Tungsten Copper Composite Materials
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Applications of Tungsten Copper Composite Materials

Tungsten copper composite materials have became attracted materials in many new technology areas due to its excellent mechanical properties and thermal and electrical properties.

1.Electrical contacts and electomachining
The main application of tungsten copper composite materials is to produce the electrical contacts, especially high voltage and extra high voltage electrical switch contacts. With the emergence of vacuum switching devices, the application area of tungsten copper composite materials had been widened. Because of being used in vacuum, so these kinds of appliances are varieties of scale,the using conditions are also different. In addition to requiring compliance with vacuum conditions, it’s necessary to develop the suitable tungsten copper composite materials for different uses. Tungsten copper composite materials have the good characteristics of high heat resistance,high thermal conductivity and arc erosion resistance, so it's another important application area is the electromachining technology.

2.Application of microelectronic technology
In recent years,due to the excellent thermal,electrical properties of tungsten copper composite materials, tungsten copper materials prepared as substrate, embedded blocks, connectors and cooling elements have been widely used in  large scale integrated circuit(LSI)and high-power microwave devices.Because of its particular properties,tungsten copper composite materials can not only improve the use power of microelectronic devices,miniaturized the device,but also can well match and connect the semiconductor materials such silicon wafers and gallium arsenide of microelectronic appliance and other ceramic materials.

3.Tungsten copper composite materials for military industry
In addition to be used for the high temperature components such as throat of missiles,jet vane and nose cones and other high temperature components etc.,tungsten copper composite materials is still in the researching state for using in other military.For example,using tungsten copper composite materials properties of heat resistance,high conductivity,arc resistance and anti-friction to make rail guns or using its high density and mechanical strength to prepare High-Explosive Anti-Tank(HRAT) liners etc.

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