Diffusion Bonding of Tungsten Copper Composite Materials and Copper
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Diffusion Bonding of Tungsten Copper Composite Materials and Copper

Divertor is an important plasma facing component of the magnetic confinement nuclear fusion reactor experiment device and the transition area which constitutes the direct contacting of the high temperature plasma and materials,suffering severe thermal fatigue.Thus,high melting point,high thermal conductivity and long-life corrosion resistance were the most important characteristics that required of manufacturing divertor materials.Since tungsten and copper immiscibled with each other,and its transition of thermal expansion coefficient mismatched,making the connecting of tungsten and copper become difficulties in divertor application.

The researchers found that using  tungsten copper functionally gradient materials (W/Cu FGMs) may well overcome the problem causing by the thermal stress which is produced by thermal mismatch.The connecting face, connecting quality and the metallurgical bond of connecting face will be well improved if adding an good compatibility active intermediate layer which was as good as connection substrate between dissimilar materials.

The diffusion bonding is suitable for connecting the dissimilar materials,and with low cost.The intermediate layer material that been used has a high melting point,the tensile strength of the connection sample even exceeds the tensile strength of the substrate.Diffusion bonding means to design a nano tungsten copper gradient material layer between tungsten and copper,then connect the tungsten copper and copper in the way of diffusion bonding.This will not only release the interface press which did not formed metallurgical bonding of tungsten and copper,causing by thermal expansion,thermal conductivity and chemical compatibility.Besides,diffusion bonding can ensure the higher connection strength between the tungsten and copper,so as to make the tungsten copper composite materials have all the excellent performance of materials needed for the divertor.

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