Production method of sodium tungstate 1/2
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Production method of sodium tungstate 1/2

As is known to all, sodium tungstate can be used in paint, dye and textile department. It has varieties of uses. The exports increased dramatically in recent two or three years. The production technology is continuously improved. This article mainly introduced the methods of using waste grinding material containing tungsten, calcium tungsten powder and the method of sodium tungstate production using pyroprocessing.

1、The method of sodium tungstate production using waste grinding material containing tungsten
The method of sodium tungstate production using waste grinding material containing tungsten includes the following steps: S1. Roast the mixture of the waste grinding material containing tungsten and the sodium carbonate to get the roasting content; S2. Put the roasting content under the water to get the leach liquor; S3. After adjusting the leach liquor pH value to 8 ~ 10, add the agent for removing impurities to form a mixture; S4. Filter the mixture to get the sodium tungstate solution. Through adding the removing impurity agent to the leach liquor whose pH value is 8 ~ 10, the method effectively removes the phosphorus, arsenic and silicon, aluminum in the waste grinding material containing tungsten. It effectively reduces the impurity content in sodium tungstate solution and improves the quality of the sodium tungstate solution. Sodium tungstate solution of the present invention can be directly obtained by multi-effect evaporation concentration crystal sodium tungstate products and it also can use ion exchange process in the production of high quality APT products. The flexibility of the process is improved.

2、The method of sodium tungstate production using calcium tungsten powder
Add the NaOH according to the settlement in the raw ore powder and the theory dosage of 1.4 to 1.6 times and add the H3PO4 according to the theory dosage of 1.02-1.10 times of the Ca content and a certain amount of Al2O3 and NaNO3 to compound the slurry; then decomposition processing 2-3 hours in 0.4 ~ 0.9 Mpa and 140 ~ 180 ℃, at last we can get the sodium tungstate solution through filtering and washing residue. Because the method uses the decomposition of low pressure, low alkalinity heating ore processing raw material, so it has the characteristics of science, accuracy, high utilization rate. The product quality is high. Equipment service life is long. It has low production cost and high efficiency.

3、The method of sodium tungstate production using pyroprocessing.
Recycling tungsten dust on the market at present, the phosphorus, arsenic content is higher. If direct recycling tungsten steel production is easy to make products used for impurity content exceeds bid, and the recovery rate is low, the efficiency is poor. But sodium tungstate sell well on the market, the price is higher, tungsten dust into sodium tungstate after its high added value products. For this method in the production of sodium tungstate method arises at the historic moment. Principle of smelting, the tungsten dust, sodium carbonate according to certain proportion blending, melt in electric furnace heating. Because of the low reaction temperature, tungsten dust after the furnace melting clearly, namely the first release, in order to avoid standing in furnace for a long time and a large of volatile loss. After the crude sodium tungstate ball under the water, sodium tungstate solution can be obtained. But this method leads to higher raw material consumption, so it needs to do further research. If we can find the right charge ratio, the electricity system and smelting time, we can reduce the consumption of raw material and production cost.


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