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[Nickel]:Study on preparation of nickel chloride solution from waste nickel-base alloy by membrane electrolytic process
Author:WANG Jin…    Source:Journal of Inorganic Materials    Update Time:2010-2-9 17:47:27

[Nickel]:Study on preparation of nickel chloride solution from waste nickel-base alloy by membrane electrolytic process

The preparation technology of the nickel chloride solution by membrane electrolysis process is studied when nickel-base alloy reclaimed from waste batteries is used as anode plate. Effect of parameters including current density, temperature,acidity of anolyte and catholyte,concentration of nickel and NaCl in anolyte on preparation of nickel chloride solution is investigated. Under technological conditions such as:room temperature, current density 200 A/m2, anolyte acidity 0. 5 mol/L chlorhydric acid, acidity of catholyte 1. 5 mol/L chlorhydric acid,circulation of anolyte and catholyte 40 L/h, Ni2+ concertration 0. 85 mol/L, and the average cell voltage 1.3V, the electricity consumption of dissolving a ton of nickel base alloy is 813 kW·h, and the Ni2+ retention rate of the ion exchange membrane is more than 99.5%.....Details,please contact the auther, editor directly.

研究了以基废合金板为原料,电流密度、温度、阳极液和阴极液的酸度、阳极液中NaCI和Ni2+的浓度对电解制备氯化溶液的影响.在电流密度200 A/m2、阳极酸度0.5 mol/L、阴极酸度1.5 mol/L、循环量40 L/h、Ni2+浓度0.85 mol/L左右和室温的条件下电解,平均槽电压1.3 V,电溶1 t合金板耗电813kW·h,阴离子交换膜对的截留率大于99.5%.

【Key words】 ion-exchange membranes; electrolysis; nickel chloride

【关键词】 离子交换膜; 电解; 氯化

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