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What can we do for reducing carbon: Replace  tungsten light bulb when it goes with an energy efficient one
Author:HANNS    Source:Site author    Update Time:2009-12-11 9:12:12

What can we do for reducing carbon: Replace  tungsten light bulb when it goes with an energy efficient one


What can we do for reducing carbon: Replace  tungsten light bulb when it goes with an energy efficient one

When any tungsten light bulb goes, replace it with an energy efficient ('ee') one

There's now no excuse for having any tungsten bulbs in your home. These tiny little energy guzzlers are now perfectly replaceable with either compact fluorescent ones (cfls) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Once considered a no-no for their dim, cold light, energy efficient lights have come a long way since ugly 1970s strip lighting. Bulb glass in warmer tones of cream or peach have made a huge difference, and lampshade manufacturers now make a range of warm-coloured shades that hide the light source. They don't have to be expensive either – remember those Chinese paper lanterns – several manufacturers are doing new twists on this traditional theme and many are under £10.00. It's well worth it: every ee light bulb you install will save you on average £7 of electricity a year, meaning even a modest size house with around 20 light bulbs (count them – there are more than you think) could save £140 a year. What's more, cfls last about three times as long as tungsten ones, and LEDs last a whopping ten times longer.

Lamont Hardy 拍攝的 White Tungsten。

Blue Tungsten
Lamont Hardy 拍攝的 Blue Tungsten。



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