Rare Earth Metals and Molybdenum Concentrate Quotation Tendency Analysis
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Rare Earth Metals and Molybdenum Concentrate Quotation Tendency Analysis

In terms of price, the rare earth metals in this week on China’s market still continued weakness. Cobalt, indium and other purchasing and storage kinds are good at earlier stage and after fulling. Magnesium, antimony, bismuth, germanium and other products are effect by supply and demand continue to falling. Statistic show that this week the cobalt quoted price was at 204000-220000 yuan/ton and average price was 215000 yuan/ton comparing to last week quoted price reduce by 4.44%. Indium ingot quoted price was 1250-1350 yuan/kg and average price was 1310.62 yuan/kg, comparing to the last week the quoted price reduce by 0.94%. The quoted price of magnesium ingot slightly adjusted by down. At 11th the quoted price maintained at 12200-12500 yuan/ton and average price was 12380 yuan/ton which reduced 0.4% comparing to last week. Antimony ingot quoted price was 33000-35000 yuan/ton and this week the price is falling. Germanium ingot quoted price maintain at 33000-35000 yuan/kg.

In term of market, Indium ingot price going up which effected by purchasing and storage information. But at the present the price is falling. China electrolytic cobalt market is stimulated by State Reserves Bureau purchasing ans storage. But the cobalt price of oversea is still weakness and due to China need to export raw materials from oversea so influence by oversea’s price China cobalt price is falling. This week, wait and see atmosphere of indium market is more strong than before. There are little transaction about indium expect some trader need to replenishment. In China crude indium is constantly reducing production so the sources have been suppressed. However, refine indium whether sale in domestic market or export are all very tough and crude indium consumption continue depressed, so the corporation of crude indium limit by the cost and don’t want to low the price to sell resulting in delivers desolately. At the end of the year, the conception of cash is king enhance so recently the cobalt indium is continue weakness. The antimony price effected by domestic sorage and demand so the transaction is very little. Purchasers still want to wait and see so in the end of the year the price of antimony is falling. The price of magnesium from suppliers offer is basically stable, but little falling. Magnesium market is still weakness. At the present, small demand, overcapacity, inventory increase and purchase funds of magnesium no real progress so magnesium market has a lot of pressure. Molybdenum concentrate market and germanium market is still everydayness and limited by demand so they has narrow range fluctuation.

Looking market outlook, the price of mainly domestic nonferrous metal products is continue falling and rare earth metals also hard to buck up. Effected by downstream demand and oversea market, this week, rare earth metals market continue falling. In the short term the price will continue to be week but not exclude the possibility of narrow range fluctuation.


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