Molybdenum Market Quotation
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Molybdenum Market Quotation

Molybdenum market quotation: molybdenum raw materials market price increase and molybdenum market operate stable recently. However, even the situation is getting better now but still hard to make up the whole lose of mining. Besides, molybdenum concentrate market supply is quite tight recently and market can not quickly fill the market demand at a short time. What’s more, the rate of re-operate mining is not high. At the present, the molybdenum concentrate supply maintains by small range production and inventory at the early time instead of increase production. So recently molybdenum raw material and ferro molybdenum market price has room for rising. What’s more, molybdenum chemical and molybdenum series products has been influenced by molybdenum raw material price increase, so market price increase of them increase as well, but slowly.

The average market price of mainly molybdenum series product: molybdenum concentrate (content: ≥45%): 770.00RMB/ton; ferro molybdenum: 57,000.00 RMB/ton, sodium molybdate: 45,000.00RMB/ton; molybdenum oxide (content: ≥51%): 830.00RMB/ton; molybdenum bar (content: ≥99.95%): 187.50RMB/kg; molybdenum powder: 150.00RMB/kg; ammonium tetramolybdate (first class): 60,000.00 RMB/ton; ammonium heptamolybdate (first class): 69,000.00 RMB/ton.

International ferro molybdenum market quotation: international ferro molybdenum market continues to fall down. International ferro molybdenum market still depressed and the market price of it decrease as well. In Europe, the mainly transaction price of ferro molybdenum decrease from 12.25-12.8 $/kg to 12.1-12.7$/kg, molybdenum oxide market price has small range increase from 4.35-4.7$/pound to 4.5-4.7$/pound. The USA molybdenum market continues to fall down, the mainly transaction price of ferro molybdenum decrease from 6.3-6.5 $/pound to 6-6.25 $/pound, molybdenum oxide market price decrease from 5.3-5.5 $/pound to 4.5-5 $/pound.


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