CNC Machine Has Become Powerful Policy Development Priorities of China
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CNC Machine Has Become Powerful Policy Development Priorities of China

In the year of 2015's "Made in China 2025" is the Programme of Action for the Decade of manufacturing power, which was first proposed implementation strategy. It takes "high-end CNC machine tools and robots" as a key area to vigorously promote. And it has proposed development of a number of precision, high speed, high efficiency, flexible CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment and integrated manufacturing systems; accelerate the development of high-end CNC machine tools, manufacturing, and other materials by cutting-edge technology and equipment; To enhance the reliability, precision keeping the focus on the development of high-end CNC system, servo main features and key applications software motor, bearing, grating, accelerate industrialization; enhance the user process validation capacity building.

CNC machine tools is the mainstream of modern manufacturing equipment, which is he embodiment of modern technology, an important symbol of modern machinery manufacturing technology level, is relative to the people's livelihood, national defense building strategic materials. Although since 2002, China has become the biggest country in world machine tool imports and consumption, it has significant export deficit, especially in High-grade, large, sophisticated, high-speed CNC machine tools and CNC systems degree dependence on imports. So overcome technical bottlenecks, narrowing the gap with the international advanced level in the country has become the direction of development of CNC machine tools. Due to tungsten carbide has high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and it can be the best choice for indexable insert. In the process of CNC machining, tungsten carbide indexable inserts have many advantages:
1. It is difficult to produce the cracks and cracks expansion;
2. It can adopt CVD or PVD to deposit a harder layer (TiC, TiN, CBN) on tungsten carbide matrix surface to improve the cutting property;
3. Simple operation, shorter time for tool changing, high machining efficiency;
4. Tungsten carbide indexable inserts are standardized and centralized production, which has consistent blade geometry parameters, cutting control and stability, and a very wide scope.


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