Tungsten heater Market Is Stagnant, Confidence of Tungsten Enterprise Is Weak
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Tungsten heater Market Is Stagnant, Confidence of Tungsten Enterprise Is Weak

Current tungsten market has difficulty in taking a step. Nowadays, the tungsten market condition changes ups and downs. The current domestic tungsten market can be described as “depressed bleak.” Since last month traders dump goods on the market, some tungsten products (tungsten heater element) prices fell more than 20% in a month, market transaction is more and more difficult, and confidence of tungsten enterprise is weak.


To analyze the current downturn of the market, the domestic market has experienced a month for tungsten prices rising began in early April, which can be concluded in two main reasons: firstly, the resumption of production of tungsten mine is slow, spot supply is limited on the market. Secondly, price of raw material has been still rising, and a key point is that cost of tungsten mine. What’s more, because large enterprises play a leading role in the distribution of tungsten concentrates, which has certain guide sense to the market. In addition, traders store goods in intermediate, so supply of tungsten concentrates became tense. But there were some risks at that time: the actual demand of the market is not good, and due to the fight between the raw material and the terminal market, eventually lead to the rise of raw material price. It is difficult to recognize of decline of the tungsten market for some tungsten ore supply companies, especially for some high-priced stock, such as Henan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang and other companies of more than 100 tons of stocks. It is difficult at this time to accept the market price for them.


The tungsten market trend will continue in a weak, it is difficult to see the market positive, especially there were many rescue operations for tungsten market at the beginning of the year, but dependence of market on these actions also reduced, and the July and August are the traditional off-seasons, the possibility for tungsten market to counter-attack in next two month is small.


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