Deformation Degree Affected TZM Alloy Room Temperature Mechanical Properties
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Deformation Degree Affected TZM Alloy Room Temperature Mechanical Properties

TZM alloy plate cross-sectional area relatively decrement. The amount of compression is divided into pass compression ratio and total compression ratio. Total compression ratio and pass compression ratio has great impact on TZM alloy mechanical properties.

According to the experiment data found after rolling TZM alloy plate’s strength and elongation improved, with the increase of the total compression ratio increased. Rolling by different pass compression ratio found large pass compression ratio has better tensile strength or tensile elongation than low pass rolling compression rate. This is because large deformation has large deformation speed, so it is not only conducive to make grains full crash and close the inner voids of TZM alloy which manufactured by the powder metallurgy method, but also significantly improve uniformity of tissue deformation along the cross-section distribution and eliminate or reduce internal defects.

If rolling pass compression ratio is small, the deformation will be focused on the surface of the plate. From the surface to the interior, the amount of deformation gradually reduces and deformation tissue along the cross-section unevenly distributed. The central grain along axially elongated deformation degree is small than grain on the surface, which suppresses plasticity improved to some extent.

Deformation degree also have some influence on the density of the alloy. TZM alloy density increases rapidly with deformation degree increase. When the processing rate is more than 60%, the density approaches to the theoretical value, which means that most grains began to produce plastic deformation. In this case, the sintered state turns to processing state and the performance of the alloy plate also has great changes, increasing the plastic deformation of grains. With the elimination of voids, complete the transition process form sintered state to dense state, so that the sintered compact density to be close to the theoretical value.

In addition, the hardness of the material also increases with deformation degree increase. And the change is very obvious.

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