Situation Analysis of Domestic Cemented Carbide Industry
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Situation Analysis of Domestic Cemented Carbide Industry

Our country plays an important role in cemented carbide industry around the world, which is one of the main countries of raw materials and manufacture. Tungsten carbide materials have many advantages, such as high hardness, high strength, good thermal-setting, excellent wear and corrosion resistance and so on, which have been widely used in modern machining tools, wear-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature materials, etc, especially indispensable in tungsten carbide cutting tools. Development status and problems of cemented carbide industry in our country, mainly in three aspects: total production of large, relatively low profit margin; carbide products lack comprehensive export channels; related business technology innovation development is insufficient.

Although China in terms of production of cemented carbide is far ahead in the world, but at the margin is far lower than other developed countries. The main reason is that the domestic carbide products are mainly concentrated in the low-end products; the low degree of processing, low-tech, value-added products is not high, supporting the poor, such as the number of bars, plates and so on. While foreign enterprises focus on high-performance, high-precision and high-end CNC inserts, micro drills as well as some parts of precision instrument, so the profit is dramatically increasing. In terms of export channels, our carbide products export channels the vast majority still remain in the traditional way of wholesalers and retailers a simple intermediate channels. Each member of the channel as an independent economic entity, it will be in order to maximize their own profits, difficult to form a benefit-sharing, risk-sharing marketing model. Therefore, we should adopt multi-channel marketing management according to different carbide industries; design reasonable, flexible product pricing mechanism, keeping the right balance of sales channels; Improve information management of sales channels, improve the efficiency of distribution channels, establish direct marketing system, carbide production enterprises.

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