Study on TZM Alloy Plate Manufacturing Technology
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Study on TZM Alloy Plate Manufacturing Technology

To produce high quality TZM alloy plate should improve its manufacturing technology. There are some tips for producing good performance TZM alloy plate during production which summarized form industrial tests.
1.Ti and Zr should add in TiH2, ZrH2 form. Ti and Zr will react with Mo to produce Mo-Ti and Mo-Zr solid solution. Besides, it will react with C to generate TiC and ZrC dispersoid particles and it also will react with a small amount of O to produce (Mo, Ti, Zr) xOy compounds presenting in grains and grains’ surface. These organizations not only improve the mechanical properties of the alloy, but also improve its recrystallization temperature.
2. Deformation temperature and deformation degree is a major influence factor on alloy’s mechanical properties. TZM alloy plate cogging temperature, finished hot rolling temperature and warm rolling temperature is 1400 ℃, 1200 ℃ and 1050 ℃ respectively, while cogging and rolling pass deformation quantity using 20% ~ 35% for the best.
3.TZM alloy plate after rolling, the grain is elongated and intertwined. With the increase of pass compression rate, the carbide phase become more evenly dispersed and has higher dispersion degree. Besides, the inner voids of grains become smaller and the density is increase as well. In addition, with the deepening processing, the grain boundary binding force enhanced and fibrous tissue increased and finer, where the room temperature mechanical and elongation of the alloy has been significantly improved. When the total amount of deformation is 90%, the density is 10.2g / cm3 and tensile strength is 846MPa. With the increase of total deformation, TZM alloy fracture mode changes form intergranular fracture to quasi-cleavage fracture.
5. The annealing temperature also affects TZM alloy’s microstructure and properties. The tensile strength of alloy plate after annealing has significantly decreased. Annealed at 1300 ℃ the tensile strength is only 342MPa. As the annealing temperature increasing, the elongation of the alloy has been significantly increased. When the annealing temperature is 1300 ℃, the elongation is 9.8%. However, annealing at 1300 ℃ grains is coarse, so the optimum annealing temperature should be lower than recrystallization temperature and 1050℃ is the best.

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