Alloy Powder Affected TZM Alloy Rod Microstructure and Properties
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Alloy Powder Affected TZM Alloy Rod Microstructure and Properties

Alloy powder will affect TZM alloy rod’s microstructure and properties, to choose high quality alloy powder and reasonable manufacturing technology can produce oxygen content of less than 0.03% and has excellent mechanical properties TZM alloy rods.

TZM alloy rod production processes roughly as follows: mixing powder - pressing - sintering - forging - performance testing. During powder mixing, adding a certain amount of C powder in the reduction molybdenum powder and mixing with alcohol TiHx, ZrHx, it is marked for 1 *.  Adding amount of C powder into reduction molybdenum powder and mixing with TiHx, ZrHx powder, it is labeled as 2 *. In unreduced molybdenum powder adding with a certain amount of C powder and alcohol TiHx, ZrHx, its number is 3 *. A certain amount of C powder and alcohol TiHx, ZrHx was added into unreduced molybdenum powder, its number is 4 *. Adding amount of titanium ball into 1 *, 2 *, 3 *, 4 * in V-blender continues to mixing for 24 hours.

After mixing, manufacturers respectively load 1 *, 2 *, 3 *, 4 * into Ø130xL pouches and use 6000t cold isostatic press to press Ø126xL compacts. Use the same sintering process to sinter the compacts by 100kW medium frequency induction furnace to obtain sintered rods. The sintered rods forged by 750kg air hammer can obtain Ø57xL TZM rods.

By observing TZM sintered rods scanning electron micrographs found that alloy powder containing alcohol TiHx, ZrHx alloy powder after sintering the distribution is more uniform. In addition, the reduction molybdenum powder can reduce the oxygen content of TZM rod. This is mainly because the reduction molybdenum powder combined partial oxygen will react with carbon to generate CO and CO2, and then be discharged, thereby reducing the alloy powder the oxygen content. Further, reduction molybdenum powder can also help to eliminate impurities in the powder, so that the chemical composition of molybdenum powder was purified and can eliminate molybdenum powder work-hardening to stabilize the crystal structure of the powder.

TZM alloy

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