Molybdenum Electrode Physicochemical Properties
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Molybdenum Electrode Physicochemical Properties

Molybdenum electrodes have excellent physichemical properties, so it can as electrode material applied to glass furnace for high quality glass products production.

Molybdenum Electrodes Physical Properties
Molybdenum is a refractory metal electrode, having high temperature strength. Rolled molybdenum electrodes produced by powder metallurgy method at 1300 ℃ still has 10 kg/mm2 tensile strength, and the temperature is close to the melting point of steel. At 1500 ℃, the temperature is more than the melting point of stainless steel, but molybdenum tensile strength is still can up to 6 kg/mm2. In generally, glass furnace temperatures is above 1300 ℃, except for molybdenum and other refractory metals, any other steels have lost any carrying capacity. In addition, molybdenum has good thermal and electrical conductivity, low heat capacity and low thermal expansion coefficient, so it can be processed into different shape including rod-shaped, plate-shaped and ball-shaped. However, molybdenum (Mo) is a transitional element and has brittle texture. Besides, the elastic modulus equals to bakelite, so during processing and operation should be particularly careful to avoid brittle fracture.

Molybdenum Electrode Chemical Properties
Molybdenum as an electrode material used for melting the glass has a wide scope of application and it can melt most of the glass material, such as refractory glass, high viscosity glass and high volatilize glass. Molybdenum in molten glass is stable except lead glass. In soda-lime glass, molybdenum electrodes have better anti-corrosion properties of molten glass.

Molybdenum Electrodes Carbon Content
Carbon content of molybdenum electrodes should less than 0.002%. When molybdenum is melting, the impurities of electrode will change to affect glass color, so the electrode molybdenum content should higher than 99.93%. Carbon content of electrode will affect finished glass quality. If carbon content is too high, not only reduces the mechanical properties of the electrode, but also forms bubbles. If these bubbles appear in the electrode material passage, it is great harm to electrode. Molybdenum electrodes carbon content more than 0.02% to 0.03% will cause reaction and in the vicinity of the electrode region will generate a lot of small bubbles, which for many glass products is not allowed. To improve molybdenum purity and to reduce carbon content to 20 ~ 30PPM, so these small bubbles can be removed.

molybdenum electrodes

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