Infrared Thermal Insulation Nano Material: Tungsten Oxide

Tungsten oxide is not only a type of infrared thermal insulation nano material, but a photocatalytic material. Orthorhombic hydrate tungsten trioxide (o-WO3•0.33H2O) flower-like hierarchical structure may be synthesized via solvothermal method by regulating the amount of acetone. And the photocatalytic testing was carried out and the results showed that flower-like hierarchical structure tungsten trioxide hydrate displays superior photocatalytic performance than thorn sphere tungsten trioxide hydrate. And 88.5% of RhB may be eliminated after 240min.infrared thermal insulation nano material tungsten oxide picture
The results also showed that: Compared with the morphology of orthorhombic hydrate tungsten trioxide thorn sphere (synthesized without adding acetone), (020) facet of orthorhombic tungsten trioxide hydrate can be reserved by acetone adsorption, and the flower-like hierarchical structure has been obtained.

In addition, the morphology of flower-like hierarchical structure has been influenced by the amount of acetone, due to the change of saturation vapor pressure in reaction system. And the visible-light absorption of sample has been improved by the increment of acetone.

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