Near Infrared Shielding Material: Tungsten Oxide

Tungsten oxide is not only a near infrared shielding material, but a photocatalyst. The interstitial carbon doping orthorhombic tungsten trioxide hydrate (C-doped WO3•0.33H2O) may be synthesized via the room temperature liquid phase method.near infrared shielding material tungsten oxide picture
The optical property and theoretical calculation of carbon doped sample have been studied to find that the carbon doping narrowed the Eg (energy gap), improved visible-light absorption and a new level formed above the valence band. And PL spectra show the recombination of photo-generated carriers is suppressed by carbon doping. In addition, the photocatalytic performance of carbon doped samples decrease with the increment of carbon doping. However, the photocatalytic activity of all carbon doped samples is higher than that of the undoped one.

The results also showed that the carbon is doped into the interstitial position. SAED and HRTEM display the lattice defect and distortion induced by the carbon doping, which may increases local dipole of sample.

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