Tungsten Oxide Applied for Thermal Insulation Dispersion Liquid

Tungsten oxide may not only be applied for producing thermal insulation dispersion liquid, but be used as a photocatalyst in water splitting for hydrogen production. The all tungsten based Z-scheme composite photocatalyst (composed of WO3•0.33H2O and PbWO4) may be synthesized via liquid phase ion-exchange method.

The photocatalytic performance test showed that the apparent photodegradation rate constants of RhB over composites are more than 6 to 8 times higher than that of two monomer components. The PL spectroscopy test showed that the performance of the composite photocatalyst was greatly improved due to the effective improvement of the photogenerated carrier separation efficiency.tungsten oxide applied for thermal insulation dispersion liquid picture
Based on the results of photocatalytic mechanism and photodeposition Pt experiments, it indicates that the excellent photocatalytic activity of composite photocatalyst is due to the advantage of Z-scheme configuration, almost all of RhB has been eliminated after 40min and 82% MO can be eliminated after 60min, respectively. Also, the crystal phase and composition of the composite can be determined by XRD and Raman measurement.

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