Tungsten Oxide Applied for Thermal Insulation Dispersion

Tungsten oxide may be applied for manufacturing thermal insulation dispersion, and thus be used in the field of thermal insulation, such as glass window, glass door, and so on. It may also be used as a photocatalyst. Tungsten oxide has excellent light stability and various sources. And it is environmentally friendly. However, tungsten oxide has low photocatalytic activity due to its low conduction band position, which limits the effective separation of photogenerated carriers. Therefore, the research on the tungsten oxide photocatalyst has a long way to go.tungsten oxide applied for thermal insulation dispersion picture
In fact, the research objects of early photocatalysts are mainly semiconductors with wide band gaps and relatively obvious photocatalytic properties, such as titanium dioxide (TiO2). However, with the deepening of research, it has been found that semiconductors such as tungsten oxide also have photocatalytic activity and are capable of responding to longer wavelength light, which increases the utilization of light, thereby expanding the research range of photocatalysts.

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