Near Infrared Shielding Material: Nano Tungsten Oxide

Nano tungsten oxide is not only a member of the big family of near infrared shielding material, but a member of the small family of photocatalyst. As you may have known, tungsten oxide is considered to be one of the most promising photocatalysts due to its wide range of raw materials, relative low price, non-pollution and light stability. While what should be noted is that tungsten oxide photocatalyst has been successfully applied in experiments to remove water and atmospheric pollutants. It means that tungsten oxide will be used in water pollution control in the future.near infrared shielding material nano tungsten oxide picture
In addition, tungsten oxide has been widely applied in other fields, such as photocatalytic decomposition of water, photoelectrochemical cells, photocatalytic degradation of dyes, photovoltaic equipment, photochromic materials, electrochromic materials, gas sensitive materials, lithium batteries materials, oxidation of carbon monoxide, and photoreduction of carbon dioxide. Certainly, tungsten oxide will have more applications some day with the development of science and technology.

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