Nano Tungsten Oxide Applied for Thermal Insulation Dispersion Liquid

Nano tungsten oxide may be applied for preparing thermal insulation dispersion liquid, and thus be applied in heat insulating films, glasses, and plates, etc. Tungsten oxide is mainly applied in buildings or vehicles for high heat insulation.

Certainly, tungsten oxide has a wider range of applications, such as photochromic films, electrochromic films, photoelectrochemical cells, gas-sensitive materials, and lithium-ion materials, etc. However, tungsten oxide has some drawbacks in photocatalysis. Therefore, tungsten oxide needs to be modified to improve its photocatalytic performance.nano tungsten oxide applied for thermal insulation dispersion liquid picture
Why tungsten oxide has some disadvantages in photocatalysis reaction? This is mainly due to the lower position of the conduction band of tungsten oxide, so that the photogenerated holes generated by the valence band with higher oxidation ability are inhibited in the photooxidation process. In addition, for photoelectrochemical applications, the forbidden band width of tungsten oxide (2.6-2.7eV) limits the photoelectric conversion efficiency. Therefore, only 4-6% of solar energy can be used.

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