Blue Tungsten Oxide Nanopowder Applied for Transparent Thermal Insulation Window Film

Blue tungsten oxide nanopowder for transparent thermal insulation window film is critical for deep processing materials. While what is the source of the performance of these deep-processed materials? This can be traced back to the raw material of blue tungsten oxide powder --- ammonium paratungstate (APT).blue tungsten oxide nanopowder applied for transparent thermal insulation window film picture
In the production of doped tungsten wire, manufacturers often encounter the problem that, using APT produced by different manufacturers or different processes as raw materials, although their chemical composition analysis results are not significantly different, the high temperature performance of the doped tungsten wire obtained will be significantly different. In addition, some raw materials can be used to produce high-performance WAl1 wire, while others can only be applied to prepare WAl2 wire, and even some doped tungsten wire’s high temperature performance will be worse. So, it is clear that not only the chemical composition of the raw APT is important for the performance of doped tungsten wire, but their physical properties are not negligible for the properties of the doped tungsten wire prepared.

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