Cobalt-60 Tungsten Alloy Shield

Cobalt-60 tungsten alloy shield refers to tungsten alloy shield used on the cobalt-60 therapy apparatus, or the container used to store and transport cobalt-60, and so on. Cobalt-60 therapy apparatus is a large medical device that performs radiotherapy on tumors. Cobalt-60 is a kind of radiation with strong radioactivity (strong gamma source), which can be used to treat cancer, but it can cause hair loss, can seriously damage the cells and tissues in the human blood, cause the decrease of white blood cells, and cause blood system diseases, such as aplastic anemia can severely cause leukemia and even death.

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Therefore, cobalt-60 should be sealed and stored in a tungsten alloy container, and there are other tungsten alloy shields such as tungsten alloy collimator on the cobalt-60 therapy machine, which can also play a good gamma-ray shielding role while guiding the gamma rays. In addition, if there are cobalt-60 radioactive elements in the working environment, you must wear special protective clothing and a radiation dose card.

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