Tungsten Alloy Injection Syringe Shield

Tungsten alloy injection syringe shield, or tungsten alloy syringe shield, is a medical shield having excellent radiation absorption performance. Tungsten alloy injection syringe shield can provide better shielding effect than lead injection syringe shield, and it is easy to install, easy to disassemble, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The design of lead glass window makes it easy to observe the remaining amount of injection, thereby grasping the administration situation.

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tungsten alloy injection syringe shield image

Using tungsten alloy injection syringe shield to extract radiopharmaceuticals can protect medical staff and researchers' arms from radiation. This is because tungsten alloy is a high-density alloy, which has a good absorption and shielding effect on radioactive particles, that is, it can provide radiation protection for patients and their accompanying personnel, medical staff and nuclear medicine researchers. Why not choose lead injection syringe shield? In general, lead is used as shielding material for protection against radiation. In spite of its high density, lead is toxic and lead shields are heavy for personal shielding.

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