X-ray Shielding Tungsten-containing Composite Film

X-ray shielding tungsten-containing composite film, as the name implies, is a tungsten-containing composite film with certain X-ray shielding performance. The thickness of the X-ray shielding film is controllable and the uniformity is high, which effectively solves a series of problems caused by the difficulty in processing tungsten and tungsten alloys.

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Preparation of X-ray Shielding Tungsten-containing Composite Film

1. Preparation of sol: (1) The solid phase content of metal powder is 65wt%, the ratio of tungsten, nickel and iron is 90:7:3. The particle size of tungsten powder is 2.5um, the particle size of nickel powder is 50um, and the particle size of iron powder is 50um. These metal powders are sieved to choose metal powder with appropriate particle size, dried according to the ratio, mixed, and then ball milled. (2) Add ethyl acetate, metal powder, ethyl cellulose, glycerin, hydrogenated castor oil to terpineol in sequence. Except for the metal powder, the percentage of each organic component is: 75% terpineol, 6% ethyl acetate, 10% ethyl cellulose, 6% glycerin, and 3% hydrogenated castor oil. Use a high-speed mixer to mix the slurry evenly; after the slurry is vacuum defoamed, it passes through an appropriate mesh sieve to remove large particles therein to obtain the required sol.

2. Preparation of film: Use a homogenizer to make the film, the sol obtained by the above steps is dropped on the substrate adsorbed on the tray, the pre-rotation speed is controlled to 600r/min, the time is controlled at 15s, and the high-speed rotation speed is 2000r/min, the time is controlled at 40s, to obtain X-ray shielding tungsten-containing composite film.

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