Tungsten Alloy Syringe Radiation Shield

Tungsten alloy syringe radiation shield plays a protective role for medical injection of radiopharmaceuticals. The shielding principle of tungsten alloy syringe radiation shield is that high-density tungsten alloy has a good absorption performance and shielding effect on radioactive particles.

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tungsten alloy syringe radiation shield picture

Tungsten alloy syringe radiation shield is a good choice for radiation protection as it is non-toxic and has excellent performance including radiation shielding performance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, durability, and so on.

In general, lead is used for protection against rays. Nevertheless, lead is toxic and is heavier for shielding as it has lower density than tungsten alloy. Therefore, the materials which are environment friendly and nontoxic can be used with both personal and material lighter shield. This has increased the interest in the tungsten alloy and tungsten polymer radiation-shielding material. And there is no doubt that tungsten alloy syringe radiation shield is more and more popular.

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