How to Prepare Oil-soluble Tungsten Disulfide Nanosheet?

How to prepare oil-soluble tungsten disulfide nanosheet? The researchers used tungsten hexachloride as the source of tungsten, and thioacetamide and thiourea as the active sulfur sources, and reacted at a constant temperature of 100-200 °C for 60 min in the presence of surface modifiers to obtain oil-soluble WS2 nanosheets. The obtained oil-soluble WS2 nanosheets have high purity, uniform size and two-dimensional sheet structure, and have broad application prospects in the fields of lubricant nano additives and the like.

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Preparation of Oil-soluble Tungsten Disulfide Nanosheet
Add 3.9656 g tungsten hexachloride, 20 g oleylamine and 10 g octadecene in a 500 mL flask, heat the above mixture to 140 °C, keep at constant temperature for 10 min, add 5 g of oleylamine solution containing 1.5026 g of thioacetamide, and warm up to 200 °C, constant temperature reacted for 3 h, and then the product was centrifugally washed with ethanol to obtain a black semi-solid oil-soluble tungsten disulfide nanosheets.

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