Tungsten-containing Composite Material Applied for X-ray Protection Cell

Tungsten-containing composite material for X-ray protection cell is a compound formed by compounding tungsten, lead and barium compounds in a certain proportion. Traditional X-ray protection cells are mostly made of lead plates. While the lead plates are soft in texture, creepy, and highly toxic, which brings many inconveniences to the processing and use of protective equipment.

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tungsten-containing composite material applied for X-ray protection cell image

A radiation shielding part of tungsten-containing composite material is usually made of the above-mentioned composites, with radiation-resistant and aging-resistant unsaturated polyester resin as the molding material, and coarse sand and glass fiber cloth as the reinforcement materials, which are cured and formed at room temperature. Compared with traditional lead plate products, the attenuation curve of tungsten-containing composite plates is better, the cost is lower, the moldability is better, and the scattering is smaller. So, is may be used to replace lead plates for clinical X-ray protection. But, considering both environmental protection and X-ray protection performance, tungsten alloy shields and/or polymer tungsten shields are more commonly used as medical shields in X-ray protection cells.

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