Tungsten Resin X-ray Protective Screen

Tungsten resin X-ray protective screen is a medical X-ray shielding screen made using polymer as matrix and tungsten powder as filler. It non-toxic, light weight, and easy to move. It also has advantages of environmental protection, good radiation absorption performance, and stable chemical performance. It can be used for angiocardiography.

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At present, lead is used as an X-ray shielding material in producing medical protective screens. Although its shielding effect is good, the cost is low and it is easy to process, lead itself is toxic. Lead-containing exhaust gas, waste water, waste residue and other pollutants will pollute the atmosphere, water sources and crops, thereby endangering nearby residents. Therefore, it is imperative to replace lead with other materials in the field of medical shielding. Tungsten resin is an environmental-friendly X-ray shielding material obtained by researchers after years of research. In the future where environmental protection concepts are valued, tungsten resin X-ray protective screen is expected to replace lead screens.

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