Tungsten Alloy Medical Ray Protective Material

Tungsten alloy medical ray protective material is tungsten-nickel-iron alloy or tungsten-nickel-copper alloy used for shielding medical radiation sources such as X-rays and gamma rays. The difference between the two tungsten alloy materials is that tungsten-nickel-iron alloy has certain ferromagnetism, and its mechanical properties and processing properties are superior to tungsten-nickel-copper alloy.

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Tungsten alloy is a new type of medical radiation shielding material that is denser than traditional lead materials. And it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so it is regarded as the best shielding material. Studies have shown that a substance’s ability to shield radiation is related to its atomic number and material density. The higher the atomic number and the greater the material density, the better the shielding performance. Tungsten has an atomic number of 74 and a density of 19.35g/cm3, so it has good radiation shielding performance.

Tungsten alloy medical ray protective material has been widely used in production of various medical shields, such as radioactive source containers, shielding pots, protective screens, shielding plates, syringe shields, shielding boxes, tungsten alloy plates on CT detectors of multi-leaf collimators, etc.

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