Tungsten Rubber Medical Ray Protective Material

Tungsten rubber medical ray protective material is a new type of lead-free material that has good shielding effect on medical X-rays and γ-rays. It is prepared by extrusion molding, injection molding or compression molding process using W powder, high molecular polymer, etc. as raw materials. This new type of soft shielding material does not contain lead, and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Also, it has good toughness, but it is soft and easy to form. It can be cut into the desired shape directly with a knife or scissors.

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Tungsten rubber medical ray protective material is one of the key development directions of soft radiation shielding materials in the future. It has been used to produce protective clothing, protective skirts, protective caps and other medical protective products. Tungsten rubber has a higher density than lead, so its radiation shielding performance is stronger. Therefore, the weight of tungsten rubber medical protective products is lighter (but its protective effect is even better than that of lead), to reduce the burden on the muscles of medical workers’ waist and back, while it can better shield the radiation.

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