How to Prepare Polymer Tungsten Medical Ray Protective Material?

How to prepare polymer tungsten medical ray protective material? First, prepare components including the following parts by weight: tungsten powder 950-1000, tungsten fiber 0-50, high-molecular polymer 20-100, coupling agent 0.5-5, and other auxiliary agents 0.5-10. Wherein, tungsten powder is tungsten powder or a mixture of several tungsten powders with a Fischer particle size of 0.4 μm to 60 μm; the diameter of tungsten fiber is 10 to 30 μm, and the aspect ratio is 50 to 150; and high molecular polymer is one or more of plastic, rubber or thermoplastic elastomer.

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Next, prepare polymer tungsten medical ray protective material, and the steps are shown as following as:
Step One: Weigh tungsten powder according to the above parts by weight, pulverize the tungsten powder by air flow, the feeding pressure is 0.9 MPa, and the crushing pressure is 1.1 MPa.
Step Two: Tungsten powder crushed by air flow is continuously stirred in the doping pot, and the titanate coupling agent is added for surface modification;
Step Three: Weigh other materials according to the above parts by weight, first add the styrene-based thermoplastic elastomer to the kneader, and then put in 500 parts by weight of tungsten powder, knead the appropriate tungsten powder and anti-aging agent, knead evenly to obtain feed, and the kneading temperature is 140 °C.
Step Four: Pellet the feed into the extruder at 210 °C and extrude it, and cool it to make a ribbon product.
Step Five: Cut and chamfer the obtained products.

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