Polymer Tungsten CT Protective Clothing

Polymer tungsten CT protective clothing is a new type of lead-free medical protective products. Its X-ray shielding rate can reach 99%. And it is much lighter than traditional lead protective clothing, so it is more suitable for providing X-ray protection for patients and medical staff.

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polymer tungsten CT protective clothing picture

As we all know, in modern medicine, the use of X-rays has brought great benefits to medical diagnosis and radiotherapy, but at the same time, it will also damage the health of irradiated medical workers and patients, so protection must be strengthened. The traditional plate is heavier (6-8kg), so it increases the physical load of workers and patients. Besides, lead is a highly toxic chemical substance, and its use poses a serious threat to the health of production workers. In addition, its waste will also seriously pollute the environment. Therefore, in the future, non-toxic, lightweight and soft polymer tungsten CT protective clothing is expected to replace lead protective clothing for X-ray protection.

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