Application of Tungsten Alloy Armor Piercing Projectile Near Anti Aircraft Gun

Near defense shell is a very common air defense weapon on modern ships, which is mainly used to intercept incoming anti-ship missiles and fighters. Tungsten alloy Armor Piercing Projectile relies on the kinetic energy of tungsten alloy core to penetrate armor and destroy targets. Because of its high initial speed, long direct distance and high shooting accuracy, it has become one of the near defense shell.

near anti aircraft gun picture

Because of the high density, high hardness and high temperature resistance of tungsten alloy armor piercing projectile, it is used by the near anti aircraft armor piercing projectile, because the near anti aircraft artillery, as the last barrier of warship defense, must kill the anti-ship missile with one blow. The firing distance of the near anti aircraft gun is very limited, and even if the incoming missile is injured, its wreckage is likely to hit the warship, causing serious damage to the warship. This requires that the shells near the anti aircraft gun must have higher initial velocity and armor-piercing ability, and ensure that the incoming missile is completely destroyed when shooting in a short time. Tungsten alloy armor piercing projectile with excellent performance can obtain huge initial kinetic energy to penetrate armor and destroy the target with one blow under the action of high temperature and high pressure gas in the bore. Therefore, in anti-missile operations, it is the first choice to use Near Defense Shell made of tungsten alloy to eliminate the threat of incoming anti-ship missiles.

In addition, the tungsten alloy armor piercing projectile has high density and good thermal stability, which is beneficial to control the high-altitude flight of the missile. The trajectory is straight, and it is less affected by the "cross wind" on the sea surface. It is normal to blow the flight path of small caliber ammunition because of the great wind on the sea surface. However, the warhead made of high density metal has a certain weight, which will be less affected by the thrust of propellant. In addition, due to the continuous short-time shooting, the firing ammunition is very dense, which also eliminates the problem that some impact points deviate slightly.

near anti aircraft gun picture

To sum up, it is an excellent combination to use tungsten alloy armor piercing projectiles in near defense shell, which can realize the near anti-artillery to effectively destroy targets, ensure lethality and greatly improve the survivability of warships.

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