Tungsten Trioxide Photocatalytic Property

In recent years, Tungsten Trioxide (WO3) has been favored by researchers for its many special properties. For example, when WO3 is used as a photocatalyst, it can be used for air purification, self-cleaning, inorganic and organic synthesis, hydrogen production by photolysis of water and control of oxygen and heavy metals pollution.That's all thanks to its photocatalytic property.

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The photocatalytic principle is based on the redox ability of photocatalyst under illumination, which can achieve the purposes of purifying pollutants and synthesizing conversion substances. Photocatalytic oxidation reaction is to degrade organic matter into carbon dioxide and water with semiconductor as catalyst and light as energy.

Tungsten Trioxide is a most promising photocatalytic material, how is it produced? The photocatalytic properties of Tungsten Trioxide is mainly a conversion among conduction band, valence band, forbidden band and excitation light source. Under the irradiation of visible light, Tungsten Trioxide will produce a large number of photons. When the energy of these photons is greater than or equal to the band gap energy, it is enough to make a transition. Therefore, electrons can pass through the forbidden band and transition from valence band to conduction band. As a result, a large number of reductive photogenerated electrons (e−) gather at the bottom of conduction band. A large number of oxidative photogenerated holes (h+) will be formed on the valence band, so it has photocatalytic ability.

tungsten trioxide photocatalytic property picture

Tungsten Trioxide is widely used in the field of environmental protection because of its photocatalytic properties. For example, in sewage, harmful substances can be degraded and purified by photocatalytic principle, there is impossible to cause secondary pollution to water quality. For example, in the indoor environment, under the irradiation of fluorescent lamps, the Tungsten Trioxide catalyst can produce photocatalysis and purify it. Therefore, as an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly environmental purification technology, photocatalysis technology has been recognized by the international academic community in improving indoor air quality.

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