Tungsten Trioxide Gas Sensor

Tungsten Trioxide (WO3), as a material with high gas sensitivity, high sensitivity and short response time, can be used as a gas sensor, and has been widely used in life and industry.

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A gas sensor is a kind of transducer that converts a certain volume fraction of gas into corresponding electrical signals. Compared with traditional gas sensors, a gas sensor made of Tungsten Trioxide has high sensitivity, good stability, short response time and easy preparation, and can be used for detecting various gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ammonia (NH3). Even in an extremely humid environment, when the gas concentration is one billionth of a level, it still shows excellent sensitivity, which is incomparable to traditional gas sensors. So it is widely used in civil, industrial and environmental monitoring fields.

At present, the main application field of Tungsten Trioxide gas sensor is the civil field. Because the Tungsten Trioxide gas sensor can detect the leakage of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and coal gas, it can also detect the gas produced when cooking food in a microwave oven and adjust it automatically. In office buildings, it can be used as an alarm. When a large number of harmful gases are detected, it will automatically give an alarm, which greatly improves the safety protection.

In addition to its application in life in industry, Tungsten Trioxide gas sensor can be used to detect highly toxic gases such as organic solvents and phosphine in semiconductor and electronic industries. In a noisy working environment, such as a mine, danger signals can be conveyed through the change of color. It can be used to detect the freshness of perishable foods such as meat in the food industry.

tungsten trioxide gas sensor picture

Although the performance of Tungsten Trioxide gas sensor has been greatly improved compared with the traditional gas sensor, related researchers are still studying how to improve the performance of Tungsten Trioxide gas sensor. It is believed that the further modified Tungsten Trioxide gas sensor could be used more and more widely in life in the future.

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