Tungsten Alloy Shield

Tungsten Alloy Shield is widely used in medical industry and nuclear industry because of its excellent radiation shielding ability. Despite the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's modern living standards, it is inevitable that some radiation problems will be encountered in life, causing people to pay special attention to the safety and protection of radiation.

Excessive exposure to ionizing radiation will do some harm to human body. Therefore, in the development and utilization of nuclear energy and technology, it is particularly important to select high-quality radiation shielding materials.

tungsten alloy shield

Lead is an early metal material used for radiation protection. However, in the course of use, it is found that the radiation shielding efficiency of the shield made of lead is not high enough, and it will also cause serious pollution to the environment. Researchers found that the radiation protection ability is related to the density of materials, and the higher the density, the better the shielding performance. Tungsten alloy has high density, so it has high shielding performance. Moreover, tungsten alloy products are environmentally friendly materials, non-radioactive, not easy to embroider, and less harmful than lead products. Under the same weight, compared with traditional lead, tungsten alloy has the same ray absorption capacity, but its density is high and its thickness is only about 1/3 of that of lead. Using this material can greatly reduce its physical size while ensuring its shielding performance. Therefore, compared with the traditional shielding material lead, tungsten alloy is a most ideal shielding materials.

tungsten alloy shield

As ideal radiation shielding material, tungsten alloy shield has many uses in geological exploration, medical treatment and industry. In medical treatment, it can be used as tungsten alloy container such as tungsten alloy multi-leaf grating, shielding needle tube, tungsten alloy storage (protection) device, gamma ray photographic shield, etc. In terms of industrial shielding, it can be used as shielding block, flaw detector, large container inspection equipment, radioactive source container, nuclear shielding wall, etc. Geological exploration, tungsten alloy shielding tank, tungsten alloy collimator…

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