Crypto Group Buys a One-Ton Tungsten Cube for $250,000

It is According to Bloomberg News, Crypto group (TungstenDAO) has recently bought the largest ever tungsten cube NFT (irreplaceable token) for 56.9 ETH (approximately US$250,000) in order to attract more attention to itself.

Crypto Group Buys a One-Ton Tungsten Cube for $250000 Picture

The tungsten cube’s size is 14.545 inches (36 centimeters) and it weighs 2,000 lbs (approximately 907 kilograms). Therefore, it can be seen that it is a very dense object that allows cryptocurrency transactions to enjoy a unique tactile experience.

Although the size of the tungsten cube is small, it is too heavy to transport, and it is still stored in a dedicated room. Buyers can visit, take photos and touch it once a year. If buyers decide to destroy NFT, manufacturer will ship physical cube to them.

Crypto Group Buys a One-Ton Tungsten Cube for $250000 Picture

According to China Tungsten Intelligent Alliance(CTIA), it is extremely difficult to manufacture and process tungsten block of such a large size. This is not only because of heavy weight makes it very difficult to produce and process, but also because of high melting point and high melting point of tungsten. Compared with ordinary metal products, production requirements of tungsten cube will be higher. Therefore, if the operation is improper, it is easy to cause cracks and deformation of product, which will affect the overall performance.

Normally, when raw materials and its ratios are the same, production cost of large-size tungsten cube will be much higher than that of a small one, but the price is not as high as cryptocurrency enthusiasts say, such as 1.5-inch cube is priced at US$190, and 4-inch cube is priced at US$3,000.

CTIA GROUP is a well-known supplier integrating the design, research and development, production, package, storage and transportation of tungsten and molybdenum products in the whole industry chain. CTIA GROUP has provided nearly 10,000 customers in almost all countries and regions around the world. Tens of thousands of different types of tungsten and molybdenum products. The price of tungsten cube provided by CTIA GROUP will be lower than the price mentioned by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but it can bring you the same pleasant experience.Anyone who is interested can contact us to customize tungsten cubes of various densities, weights and sizes may cantact CTIA GROUP (

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