How Does Tungsten Filament or Tungsten Cathode Work?

Tungsten filament, also named tungsten heater, tungsten filament coil or tungsten cathode, is made of tungsten material and formed by single tungsten wire or multiple strands according to the specific requirements of the available samples or drawings.

As a typical representative of refractory metal tungsten products, its tungsten content is generally more than 99.95%, and the diameter is in the range of 0.2-2.5mm. With characteristics of high melting point, high specific gravity, high strength, high hardness, high resistivity, low vapor pressure, low evaporation rate, small thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and good electrical and thermal conductivity, tungsten filaments are widely used in many fields.

Generally, they are often used as evaporation source materials for vacuum evaporation machines, and are mainly used in the production of computers, picture tubes, mirrors, plastics, car lights, mobile phone casings, precision optics, craft glass, cosmetic packaging and photovoltaic products.

tungsten cathode photo The advantages of using tungsten heaters in vacuum evaporation machines include high utilization of tungsten resources and good coating effect, that is, the film products have the advantages of high precision, uniformity and stability, mainly due to the high melting point of the heaters, good Corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

A cathode is the metallic electrode through which current flows out in a polarized electrical device. In many applications, since the cathode gains electrons to produce current, it gradually gains mass from the cations it attracts. When used as a cathode, uses can easily gain current and the service life is longer than other materials.

Tungsten stranded wire or tungsten wire is mainly used as the raw material of heater, and can also be directly used for heating element of semiconductor or vacuum device. The metal wire to be evaporated and the tungsten wire can also be twisted together to make the product more convenient and faster.

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