Why Fine Tungsten Wire Can Be Used for Window Heating?

Tungsten is the most widely used refractory metal with up to 3410℃ melting point. It also has good electrical and thermal conductivity under the conditions of low thermal expansion, low vapor pressure and high temperature, so tungsten is widely used to make filaments of various incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps and electrodes of gas discharge lamps.

In addition, tungsten wire can be used as a heating material for high temperature furnaces, heating elements for electronic tubes and reinforcing ribs for composite materials. The main reason for using this metal wire as heating wire is that only the melting point of tungsten exceeds 3400 degrees Celsius, and it has advantages of good winding performance and no sagging.

Heated glass is used to prevent fogging and freezing in the windows of cars, trucks and ships. To make it heatable, the heating wire is very important. Usually, the heating wire uses tungsten as raw material. This type of wire requires very tight tolerance for the diameter to ensure consistent mechanical properties and a defined "split level". A minimum of 99.95% purity is also required, which is the perfect prerequisite for a reproducible and controllable process.

tungsten heating wire photoTo prevent reflections in glass, it is necessary to produce fine tungsten wires with a graphite surface for window heating. These wires are available in standard diameters from 12 µm to 58 µm, corresponding to a resistance rating of 630 - 40 Ohm/m.

The unique properties of our ultra-fine tungsten wire allow us to provide you with the highest quality precision wire. The fine means a diameter of 0.015mm. By comparison: the average diameter of a human hair is 0.075mm, which is almost six times as thick as a human hair.

Meanwhile, we also supply wires on standardized coils, sealed with a desiccant package to prevent oxidation during storage as much as possible. We supply fine tungsten wire for all types of window heating.

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