Tungsten Alloy Medical Radiation Shielding Price on JUNE 6,2023

Basic Trading Condition
Product Name Tungsten Alloy Medical Radiation Shielding
Details Dimension: Customized

Composition: 90~97%WNIFE



Payment:100% T/T in advance

Delivery Time: in 35 working days

Note Re-check when specification and quantity changed

Specification can be customized!

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Tungsten alloy medical shielding can be used for collimators, nuclear radiation shields, ray blockers, PET syringe shields, protective canisters, radioisotope containers, DNA (FDG) containers, multi-leaf collimators, etc. .


The advantages of tungsten alloy materials:

1.High radiation mask absorption capacity

2.Under the same radiation mask performance, the tungsten alloy mask is thinner than the lead material

3.Non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials

4.Good machinability

5.Hard and wear-resistant, no need for coating protection

6.Easy to disinfect and sterilize


For more information about tungsten alloy products, please visit: tungsten-alloy.com

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