Molybdenum Price

Molybdenum Nut Price on Sep. 14, 2018 205

Molybdenum nut price is USD3.85/PC on Sep. 14, 2018. Molybdenum nut is used together with disc and bolt to be fasteners in mechanical industry. The exchange rate to USD has been very favorable to exportation.

Molybdenum Bolt Price on Sep. 13, 2018 179

Molybdenum bolt price is USD19.00/PC on Sep. 13, 2018. The positive reason for exporting is because of the exchange rate. Even though the price of molybdenum raw material keeps rising, the exchange rate can cover parts of the diferrence.

Ground Molybdenum Rod Price on Sep. 13, 2018 191

Ø10x20mm ground molybdenum rod price is USD7.39/PC on Sep. 13, 2018. The roughness of molybdenum rod can reach Ra1.6um, tolerance of diameter to be +/-0.1mm and length +/-1.0mm. Surely Chinatungsten can process with much more precision, if you have got…

Molybdenum Trioxide Price on Aug. 24, 2018 179

Molybdenum trioxide price is USD290.00/Mtu on Aug. 24, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. Even though the price of molybdenum is going up sharply, the exchange rate has covered all the cost. Therefore, different from China domestic market, the price for exporting…

Molybdenum Bolt Price on Jun. 27, 2018 252

Molybdenum bolt price is USD18.20/PC on Jun. 27, 2018. Molybdenum price has been showing the sharp increasing and small range decreasing. Finished parts are influenced finally, but now they are still at the increasing trend.

Molybdenum Powder Price on Jun. 26, 2018 245

Molybdenum powder price is USD39.80/KG on Jun. 26, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. The price of molybdenum powder has been at the higher level than last month. According the trend of raw material, molybdenum concentrate, the price of molybdenum powder is…

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