W232H Tungsten Alloy Block

W232H tungsten alloy rod has many special properties. It is intended for uses such as weights or counter-balances in static or dynamic balancing, high-speed rotating inertia members, radiation shielding, hypervelocity impact, and vibration-damping applications.

The physical and mechanical properties of W232H tungsten alloy block are:
Density: 18.10±0.15 g/cm3
Hardness Rockwell: ≥37C
Tensile Strength: ≥1050MPa
Toughness:≥0.1 MJ/m2

W232H tungsten alloy block pictureChinatungsten Online has over 30 years experiences in producing and manufacturing tungsten alloy. Our Offered W232H tungsten alloy block is having longer functional life and this product is very easy to make clean. Our employees are highly skilled in mechanical and metallurgical engineering and they make sure good quality of tungsten alloy block production.

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