92.5W-Ni-Fe-Mo Tungsten Alloy Block

92.5W-Ni-Fe-Mo tungsten alloy block has high density, high melting point, wear resistance, high tensile strength, good elongation capacity, low vapor pressure, excellent thermal stability and high radiation absorption capacity, etc. It is known for high density, due to which it is widely used as an ideal counterweight for high speed vehicles, aircraft.

92.5W-Ni-Fe-Mo tungsten alloy block pictureThe properties of 92.5W-Ni-Fe-Mo tungsten alloy block are:
Alloy Type(%):92.5W、Balance Ni、Fe、Mo
MIL-T-21014: NIL
SAE-AMS-T-21014: NIL
AMS 7725 C: NIL
ASTM B777-87: NIL
Density: 17 .6 g/cc and 0.636 lbs/ in3
Hardness Rockwell: 30 C
Ultimate Tensile Strength Min: 120,000 ksi
Yield Strength Min (0.2% offset): 90,000 ksi
Elongation: 4% in 1"
Proportional Elastic Limit: 55,000PSI
Modules of Elasticity: 52 x 106 PSI
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 4.5 X 10-6/°C (20~400°C)
Thermal Conductivity: 0.27 CGS Units
Electrical Conductivity: 14 % IACS
Magnetic Properties: Slightly Magnetic

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