93WNiFeMo Tungsten Alloy Ball

93WNiFeMo tungsten alloy ball has impact resistance and crack resistance are excellent and non-toxic environmental protection. It is intended for uses such as weights or counter-balances in static or dynamic balancing, high-speed rotating inertia members, hypervelocity impact, and vibration-damping applications.

93WNiFeMo tungsten alloy ball pictureThe properties of 93WNiFeMo tungsten alloy ball are:
Density: 17.7 Gms/cc and 0.639 Lbs/ in3
Hardness Rockwell: 30 C
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 130,000 PSI
Yield Strength(2% offset): 90,000 PSI
Elongation: 10 % in 1"
Proportional Elastic Limit: 60,000PSI
Modules of Elasticity: 53 x 106 PSI
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 4.5 X 10-6/°C (20~400°C)
Thermal Conductivity: 0.27 CGS Units
Electrical Conductivity: 14 % IACS
Magnetic Properties: Slightly Magnetic

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