Tungsten Alloy Fidget Spinner for Decompression

Tungsten alloy fidget spinner for decompression has simple gameplay, which is easy to get started, but difficult to master. It is the objects and toys that EDC players carry around every day, which has similar playing methods with turning pen and book of students' time. Recently, it became popular on social networks and has become popular around the world. According to the research of psychiatrists, gyro rotation has a great effect on the development of attention ability in patients with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. It also has a certain auxiliary effect on relieving mental pressure and eliminating non-physical dependence diseases such as smoking and drinking.
tungsten alloy fidget spinner for decompression pictureWhen you are in the state of anxiety and annoyance, might as well secretly fiddling with a thing. With your right hand out, gently pinch your thumb and forefinger to touch the cold round bearings. With a slight bend of the middle finger, this titanium-alloy gadget begins to spin at a high speed, giving off a uniform, orderly silver-gray glow. When rotating at a speed of up to 10000r/min, the naked eye could not distinguish the contour of the rotating blade, and the surrounding time and scene slowed down rapidly. A person sinks into a slight, lingering sense of pleasure.
tungsten alloy fidget spinner for decompression pictureWhether the motion of the force, the rotation of the object, or the touch of the fingers, gently stroke the tired nerves. Tossing an object over and over is a temporary escape that relieves anxiety. This is the behavior of many people from their school days: when they are idle, they turn a pen, a book, and everything that can be turned. Let the subtle sensation of the fingers, small positive emotions accumulate to produce an effect, and forget the embarrassment of not being able to answer a question or question, as we do now in the unspeakable moment.

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